Monday, March 19, 2012

HP TouchPad not charging

Hey guys,

I ran into an interesting "problem" with my HP TouchPad charger and felt it worth documenting since it's a simple fix and someone might find it useful and resolve their "problem" within 10 seconds.

The charger that comes with this tablet is actually a two-piece unit so what happened with my is that the part that connects to the wall socket got turned anti-clockwise and so it did not touch the connectors that reside on the second part. 

If your charger is not working (and if it was working before, especially), chances are that this might be your problem. Simply turn the first piece clockwise until you hear a clicking sound. Should now be solved.

Enjoy your HP TouchPad (by the way, let me know if anyone wants some advice or guidelines on how to install Android 4.0 (ICS) on the TouchPad - it's not hard to find it on google, but I'd be happy to help either way, and I can honestly say that Android is running very smoothly indeed on my TP).



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