Saturday, October 27, 2012

Microsoft Surface RT

Hi guys,

This is my review of the new Microsoft Surface RT. I got my tablet one day ago so in the future I might post a more informed review.

Let's discuss the hardware first. The tablet has a very solid construction. It is pretty obvious that quite a lot of thought and money have gone into this design, which is something that is not very surprising giving Microsoft's need to get into the mobile market. The tablet offers all the functionality that people have come to expect from tablets, except for a GPS. Microsoft stated (regarding the lack of 3G support for the tablet) that consumer research showed that tablets the size if the Surface don't leave areas where Wi-Fi is available very often. It seems fair to assume that this might be at least a partial reason not to include a GPS either.

In addition the surface has a USB port, Micros SD card slot, and an HDMI video out slot. Clearly Microsoft is trying to penetrate the business world with its first offering. The tablet is a little more professional-looking in my opinion and thus not as sexy as an iPad. However, once again I think this simply demonstrates where Microsoft if focusing some of its efforts as well.

The software has impressed me although I will admit that the Windows store is not yet up to par with either Google Play or the Apple Store. As far as the OS goes, Microsoft has done very well as far as I can tell and there is a lot of potential there. I would suggest to wait a little bit if you want to buy a Surface, since the price might drop a little bit and the Windows Store is just going to get bigger. I will mention that it was nice when I received an email last night with a PowerPoint attachment, which I could open directly on the tablet without even skipping a beat.

Right now the Surface is a very solid offering, but if you wait a little bit, it will only get better. Like I said, there are still some things that Microsoft can (and I think will) improve. In addition, as I run into more of the tablet's particulars, I will keep mentioning them.

For those of you who already bought one, enjoy.



I have been very impressed by the content that is available in the media store for the Xbox. I am not sure how it stacks up against the offering from Amazon, but it definitely beats Google's heftily.

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